How can the Center help me?

The MLW/DEC offers services to young children (birth-7 years) who are “at risk” or have a developmental disability.

These services include:
• Diagnostic Assessment
• Screening
• Intervention
• Consultation

What is a developmental assessment?

A developmental assessment is a comprehensive review of the child’s medical and developmental status by an interdisciplinary team of professionals which can include: a physician, a psychologist, a speech/language pathologist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, or a nurse.

Who can refer?

Anyone, including parents, can refer to the MLW/DEC. Parental permission is necessary for referrals made by persons other than parents.

What will it be like for my child?

Your child will be involved in play-like activities for the majority of the assessment process. There will also be a medical examination similar to a checkup at the pediatrician’s office. There will be no shots or blood samples taken. Parents will be involved in the entire process, including an extensive dialogue to obtain information on the family’s social and medical history and to answer any questions the parents might have.

Who should come to the evaluation session?

The caregivers who know the child best, usually the parents and/or guardians, should attend the initial session and family conference.

What should we bring?

Dress your child in comfortable clothes and shoes. Sometimes a favorite toy or book will help a child feel more secure. For longer assessments, you should also bring along a snack for your child.

What does it cost?

For most families, services will be provided through publicly funded programs such as the Early Intervention (EI) or Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) programs. If your child is not eligible or you choose not to utilize these public programs, MLW/DEC will bill health insurance carriers or Medicaid.

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